Saturday, April 4, 2009

7 pounds.....

A few week ago, I watched the film "7 Pounds",... played and co produced by Will Smith. Perhaps due to the first impression on the title, the actor and the team who also bring "The Pursuit of Happiness".. I bought the DVD and bring it home. 

"7 Pounds" probably referred to Shakespeare's classic "The Merchant of Venice", where Shylock, the creditor or banker demanded repayment in pound of flesh from Antonnio, one of his debtor....regardless the pain inflicted. 

The plot is really good but may have moral issue here on taking our life, even for the purpose of others good... Tim Harris was a succesful technology entreprenaur, until he involved in a road accident which killed 7 peoples including his fiance.  Feeling the heavy burden of guilt and responsibility, he become an introvert and very quiet person. A total opposite of the man he was, before.

Drive by the guilt feeling and morally in debt with the victims he may caused, he gone into a journey of finding 7 peoples (6 were strangers) who's worthwile receiving his gifts... 7 pounds of his flesh. 

Although I have read the synopsis and critics before watching the film, ... I am amazed by the story, .. The story was creatively told and played. It's like you already knew the answers of the questions, but yet you're still looking and enjoy discovering it within the questions. It's not the answer, but the question itself which matter. 

This what separate between good and mediocre story. In the later, once you got the answer, the thrill gone. But not for this story.

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