Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fishes on treadmill...

Started last few week, I need to get back doing some exercises, especially on weekend. Reason being, I was unfit to donate blood. Perhaps due to moral obligation, I need to give back what the society had given me last time. I had anemia problem when I was a kid, and the doctor ran blood transfusion.

While jogging, walking, jogging, stop and walking again, I stopped by a bridge running across the huge monsoon drain. Catching breath, I snapped the photo above.

I was wondering why the fishes avoid the deeper water and prefer staying on the shallow water, where the water is running fast. Perhaps they are avoiding being carried away by the current and have to stay in the lake, where's the predator lurking. I saw most of the fishes feed on the grass.

Or perhaps they enjoy swimming while in static position, braving the rapid water stream, just letting their gills open for diluted oxygen....

The way I see it, they were just exercising on treadmill..........

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I spelled wrongly the title with 'patient'. This is what happen if you relying too much on the check spelling function of current word processor... Some of our intelligence brain function being taken over by machine.

A friend of mine recently professed, that among all the things that has taught him through life experience, formally or informal... he's still fail to undertake patience. For him, thing he want now, he really meant now or probably a bit later, but not so late. He can't bear waiting or just being patience, and he's not so smart in hiding it. His expression of dissatisfaction or impatience is written all over his face.

He's mentioned, that I am fairly have certain level of patience....

Me, patience..... Are you sure? you are knocking on the wrong door my friend. The recognition just struck me. Is he just pulling my leg, or I am actually reached that level of virtue. Or perhaps I am getting older, slow in response and retaliation, less sudden surge of energy to shout or being vocal... making this inferior to become good moral value, p a t i e n c e.

Since he's insisted, I just told him that patience is something that cannot be learned easily. Life experience, hardship, good example from other people and time will only expedite the learning process.

Most good moral values require us to take action either verbal or physical. Such as generosity, we need to take action by making contribution either material or moral. And kindness, we need to show or kindness by being polite, smile a lot, talk nicely etc. In short, our muscle need to be in motion, in order to generate good moral action.

Patience is totally different game. Being patience, means abstain yourself from making any action, physically or verbally, against misfortune, pain, hardship, annoyance, intimidation, unfairness, criticism, mistreatment and all other negative thing.....

For me, real patience is more than that. It's something to do with inner strength and virtue for abstaining or refraining yourself in taking action or retaliation to the inflicting subject, while you are in power or highly capable in defeating the subject.

But normally we use the term patience, when we know we're losing, or incapable of doing anything. That's not patience, but a kind of terminology to make ourselves feel better....

..... and about my friend, I think he need to talk to wiser people......

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TUDM open day...and Thunderbird air show

Two week ago I managed to witness the performance of the famous US Air force acrobatic team, the Thunderbird. This event was in conjunction with TUDM open day at Subang air base. Since the opening of KLIA and LCCT, I have never been to Subang airport. KLIA has taken over the function of the main airport while LCCT has played as budget airline airport.

And to my surprise, Subang airport has been renovated and look quite nice from the outside. I pass through the place as I headed to TUDM air base .

The air show began with TUDM Sukhoi Su-30 solo air show. I was amazed with the boldness yet highly skillful maneuver performed by TUDM pilot , especially when the jet plane take almost vertical climb then dive sharply toward the landing area. It's just seem the plane would crash and couldn't pick up the altitude.

And I have to admit, fighter pilot are different breed of human, perhaps due to their training, high discipline and professionalism.

The show continue with Thunderbird showing their skill, maneuver and formation. All the stunt and formation precisely choreograph. It's like watching ballet or circus show. The 1 hour air show, seem like 15 minutes.

Even though the weather is not so hot that day, the heat is almost unbearable, probably due to the crowds and open concrete landing strips.

The spokesperson for the team give information on the formation names and the skill level involved, with their loudspeaker. Some information on the history and the pilots involved was also told.

And not forgotten, the US propaganda in maintaining the so called world peace.
The sound of the jet engines, the sight of jet plane flying over your heads and the incredible air stunt maneuver, transform me back to a little boy.

early morning sun....

It's has been quite some time, I haven't write anything on this blog... probably I still 'mabuk ketupat' and 'lodeh'. Took a week long break for Hari Raya Aidil Fitri back in Muar. Perhaps when our mind and time preoccupied with thing or person we are concerned, everything else became less significant.

This photo was taken in the morning, around 7:15am, 2 days ago. As I prepare to go to work, I saw the sun was rising on the horizon. Get back inside the house and took some shot. The red/orange color of the sky probably indication of unhealthy level of air quality, which getting worst gradually.