Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TUDM open day...and Thunderbird air show

Two week ago I managed to witness the performance of the famous US Air force acrobatic team, the Thunderbird. This event was in conjunction with TUDM open day at Subang air base. Since the opening of KLIA and LCCT, I have never been to Subang airport. KLIA has taken over the function of the main airport while LCCT has played as budget airline airport.

And to my surprise, Subang airport has been renovated and look quite nice from the outside. I pass through the place as I headed to TUDM air base .

The air show began with TUDM Sukhoi Su-30 solo air show. I was amazed with the boldness yet highly skillful maneuver performed by TUDM pilot , especially when the jet plane take almost vertical climb then dive sharply toward the landing area. It's just seem the plane would crash and couldn't pick up the altitude.

And I have to admit, fighter pilot are different breed of human, perhaps due to their training, high discipline and professionalism.

The show continue with Thunderbird showing their skill, maneuver and formation. All the stunt and formation precisely choreograph. It's like watching ballet or circus show. The 1 hour air show, seem like 15 minutes.

Even though the weather is not so hot that day, the heat is almost unbearable, probably due to the crowds and open concrete landing strips.

The spokesperson for the team give information on the formation names and the skill level involved, with their loudspeaker. Some information on the history and the pilots involved was also told.

And not forgotten, the US propaganda in maintaining the so called world peace.
The sound of the jet engines, the sight of jet plane flying over your heads and the incredible air stunt maneuver, transform me back to a little boy.

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