Wednesday, March 25, 2009

space and time... and movie...

Last weekend, I actually planned to visit the Museum of Literature or maybe the infamous Prison during the French colonization, but was cancel as I hooked to the idiot box, showing movie ... The Groundhog Day... and later .. Planet of the Apes... 

I can remember last time, when I took the subject of Quantum Mechanics as one the subject for Physics... I didn't have any clue. Total clueless. Most of the time during the lecture, I wrote down the lectures and formulas without knowing...  and don't ask me about the application.

I don't know is it just me or my other fellow friends also face these problems...   I am just writing down, and try memorizing the weird formula in my head and hopefully with Mathemathical knowledge I could answer the exam. That's the only reason I memorize the funny and weird looking formulas. 

Just memorize a few of Shroedinger equations and hopefully they come out during exam. And as expected, my result was ... a failure. I didn't put much hope anyway, it's better for me to focus on potential subjects.

I just couldn't grasp the idea, when the lecturer said that we're now living with 4 dimension... not 3 dimension. Where's the 4th come from? I only know 1 is X, 2 is Y and 3 is Z.. the xyz dimension that can easily be plotted on graph. Perhaps I am not paying attention or he failed to give simple example, i failed to understand why time is the 4th dimension. Time is just unit measurement ....a mean to measure event from A to B. What time got anything to do with xyz (space)??

I had all almost all the weird formulas, memorize it (for the exam of course...) but i still fail to relate Time and Space.

Then, after I watched a movie.. can't remember the title... but definitely long after finishing my study... I got revealation... finally my brain understood... 

The example given is easy and very practical... the example is us, human..   we start from baby, grow up to children, then teenage, adult.. and finally old .. before the ultimate death.

As we grow, our body expand and grow in xyz  axis (depth, length, width)... and that is space dimension. Meaning we have some event in space dimension.. the 3 dimension side.

And we also grow from baby to adult to old .... this is time dimension... only time can measure this event, not space.... and this is the mysterious 4th dimension.... xyz cannot measure when we are young, old, birthday or any time related event.

For me, this is a simple enough example of space and time continum... And I cannot imagine living in world with only 3 dimension, where time just standstill... or probably time move, but we only have xy, yz, or xz dimension..... 

Next I will be writing on the usual misconception of 'no gravity' in the space station condition ... like experienced by Sheikh Muzaffar... 


Jumper said...

Interesting but a little complex to digest. I have the mind that relates well with words, images and sequences; but it's unreliable when it has to memorise numbers. It's a good thing that I join engineering school where we have open book exams and all the applicable formula were given. I have no stress to memorize those numbers. I can't imagine what a disastrous life I'd have if I were to memorise the formula in the exams, like you had to.

Syed said...

I've watched discovery channel about a month ago, there is something about physics.

It talks about super-string theory where the physicists says that it is possible to have 12 dimensions .This is just to explain about the gravity in the Universe.

Well I think it is quite complex enough for the 4th dimension. I cannot imagined how anyone can understand the 12th dimensions.

I am always a fan of Physics as it really stretches the brain to the max. But most of the times , some of the theory is very difficult to understand.

In the university, we learned about Physics formula but I think not many really understand it.

Not just Physics, in Calculus, why is dy/dx of X squared is 2x. Most learned it by memorizing the formula not really understand it that there is something behind the formula.