Friday, October 17, 2008

Air pistol shooting....

It was last weekend, since I don't have anything to do... I went for air pistol shooting at Blok M, Jakarta Selatan. Actually before Ramadhan, I would went there for shooting session about twice a month. But since Ramadhan, maybe due to puasa, I only went there once. So this time, it's about a month plus, my finger haven't touch the trigger.

After saying Lebaran greeting and pay the fee (Rph 25k, for 25 bullets/pellets), I went on trying my skill. Not many people that day, perhaps the usual patrons still on Lebaran mood.

Not a bad shooting at all, considering it's had been more than a month I haven't try it. Perhaps due to not many people and the compressed gas still full, because I could felt the shot was quite powerful. For the information, the bull eye target size is the same size as the bullets, and the target is 10m away (Olympic air pistol target standard)... In Olympic game, normally the shooter hit target within the first 2 ring away from the bull eye.

Like the trainer over here said last time, shooting is a game about consistency, patience, high focus, good corrdination between eyes, hand and trigger finger. And you have to control your breathing, to avoid your hand shaking each time your finger press the trigger. Once you shoot, you would know, if you manage to hit the target.... without pulling the target paper.

I admit, I felt quite relaxed after shooting session...........
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