Monday, October 27, 2008

When the purse value is more expensive than the money inside...

Today, I went to Blok M to do some air pistol shooting...  first few shots, the result was not so convincing, perhaps it's has been 2 or 3 weeks I haven't went there.  Second target shooting, the result is quite good... maybe I got back my hand, eyes and finger coordination... and 3rd target shooting, the result went back as the first...

So inconsistent performance.. hahaha...  I maybe should blamed my tiring hand and my impatience urge to just shoot the 10m away target... I remember the owner said "Pak, posisi kaki harus tetap, perasaan harus tenang, koordinasi mata, tangan dan jari harus tepat.... jangan tunggu terlalu lama utk memencit trigger.. nanti tangan jadi cape kerna pistolnya agak berat... tapi harus tenang dan sabar.. jangan buru-buru".... and he's a good shooter, I recalled last time when he demonstrate to me....I will surely miss this activity when I return back... 

After that I went to Pacific Place to check out something... my friend asked me to survey LV items price...  When the sale promoter politely say...  9 to 11 million Rupiah for LV purse...  I either want to faint or just keep cool... that's a month salary for average executive in Malaysia... I just don't understand why woman crazy want to buy this thing.... by hard earned cash or credit... Perhaps if you have this LV purse, you have to have at least RM1000 cash money inside the purse at anytime..... just to give the thing, it's luxurious effect and purpose... any cash amount below that, does not belong inside...  

I took taxi and went to Plaza Indonesia.. just to jalan-jalan.... and watch movie.. 

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Syed said...

I believe there is other value other then the purse value, most likely the social value or status value. If a woman lives in the kampung, then it is not worth-while but in the city, there is the status factor.

Just like watch, some man buy rolex. My ex-boss in Time wears one. It got something to do with status. But Rolex do maintain it's price.

For me, I will never buy this. Nevertheless, I am just a bit tempted with Omega since James bond wears one.

By the way, since you mentioned about value. Maybe you can share about the house value in Indonesia.

I got a small apartment in KL. Thought about selling it but I was advised not to since there is no more land in KL. (you can see this in Google earth). So the price will most likely goes up.

Based on the stat. The population increase at the rate of about 2%. In 10 years 20%. In KL, most likely will have 40% in 10 years since people from other state move to KL.

Very likely KL will be congested like Jakarta. So, it should be interesting to know the house value there.

40% increased also means that normally, for 10 minutes jam, it will be 14 minutes and more ten year later. So we must also grow 40% more patience ten year later.