Friday, October 24, 2008

Segregation base on grade and the long term effect... E1

Last time, during my primary schooling years, there's an English language learning system where group of  students were segregated according to their English skill.  We gone through assessment test and the result will determine where's our group or set... Set 1, set 2,.. up to set 5. Each time during English class, we will go to our determined Set, in different classroom.. mine in Physics lab.

After schooling years, I was lucky enough to enter science preparatory program in one of the local University. First thing after register, we had to take English assessment test, and students were segregated to classes according to the result.. Class A1, A2, A3.. to F1 in my time. 

 Perhaps the idea is,..... it's easier to teach English lesson this way, where's the teacher/lecturer can have different teaching method for each class. True, it's successful in some extend and I am not against the good intention of the system to improve the student English language skill. What I am concern is.... the segregation effect which are base on grade.

We may solved  the English language education, even not fully. While on the hand, we may create other long term, more permanent psychological effect. Such as feeling of inferiority, feel not as good as, not good enough, ... and pressure. Student, or ex student from lesser skill in English will feel inferior with their friends from the upper group...   and student or ex student from the so called higher skill in English feel pressure to maintain performance. It's can't be denied, a small or manageable pressure is good to maintain or improved performance... but too much can be damaging.  When i mentioned about ex student... I meant ex student.. because till now, there's some of our friends out there felt inferior to others, due to this system....

Why don't we classify or segregate the students base on non hierarchical groups..... such as colors... Merah, Kuning, Hijau,... Kelabu... or any names that does not carry any caste, hierarchical position or comparison. People will surely know, 1 is better than 2...  A is better than B... and or t the  way around  (in my case.. the F is the English smart group)..

People may just say, what a 2-3 years period of English classes base on grade, would have any psychological effect on later life.  Adolescent period is a period of our life's where we are searching for our own identity. We perhaps done many stupid things during this periods, caring less about the consequences and the risk, just for us to have our own identity (I still remember the stupid things I have done... kerja2 bodoh). It's very unfortunate if during this fragile period, we introduce the inferiority. Different people have different level of tolerance, many would just go on, forget and forgive. But some of them ... still dealing with the inferiority feeling.

Then again, the reason why the system implemented.... perhaps "the good of the many outweigh the good of the few"... as always dictate by Commander Tuvok in Stark Trek Voyager, in situation where the crews in dilemma.. either to abort the mission and save the team at the expense of the mission..... or carry on with the mission although it's meant their life in danger..

But I do not agree with him..... if the system will make some of our next generation... carry inferiority complex....


Syed said...

The idea of "The good of many outweigh the good of few" is not from Captain Tuvok from Star Trek. He he he.

Captain Tuvok stole the idea from philosopher Jeremy Bentham(1748 –1832). One of the famous ethics guru. It is also called Utilitarianism.

However, philosophers have found that there are weaknesses in this philosophy or idea mainly because the rights of individuals are being traded of.

As such, most philosophers have agreed that in arriving to a moral judgment, a combination of philosophies such as utilitarianism, the ethics of right, ethics of care and justice are evaluated before the final conclusion.

I think the present education system from the current government is more focus on the good of many then the few. We still have a long way to go.

That is why the minister of education sent his children to oversea or private school.

I'm very fortunate to be able to attend to a good primary and secondary school. A good school must have an excellent head master, good and dedicated teachers and finally good, well at least not all of them, good students.

I still remember my headmaster (Mr Harbhajan Singh) motto, "Murid baik sekolah baik".

orangmuar said...

Thanks Syed for your input... I presume Cmdr Tuvok together with Kapt Jenway of Voyager, went back in time, perhaps to defeat the Borg .. they accidentally met and taught the Vulcan philosophy to Jeremy Bentham...

orangmuar said...

By the way Pak Syed, Commander Tuvok never become Captain on USS's Captain Jenway all the way till the season ended...

Syed said...

I am more of Star Wars person rather then Star Trek. I know that there are a lot of loyal fan for Star Trek.

Only remember Captain Kirk (now become good lawyer,Danny Krane), Spock and the engineer who taking care of the Nuclear Generator. Cannot really recall this Tuvok chap.
(Is this the chinese guy?)