Monday, September 22, 2008

Google Chrome Beta.. Web browser

Hi, recently I download and test Google newest application, Chrome web browser. The browser look slim, simple and larger, probably because the top task bar is thinner. First impression, I gain bigger screen size.. heheh. Quite take some time to run the www exploration, probably due to my old T60 IBM Thinkpad. Immediately after that, I never felt happy like the first time I use Mozilla Firefox.  Google mention that Chrome would take a quite a bit of memory when start for the first time.

Chrome just run faster, smarter and simple... that the one major advantage, simple to use. The URL task bar simply suggest the place u wanna go, with accurate suggestion. I just luv the most visited site tab. Look like a bookmark, but simpler... 

The tab run independently, and the memory is allocated separately. So if one tab get into throuble or hanged, it's wont affect the whole browser. And they mention, Chrome avoid memory fragmentation.. I also don't understand much about this.

Currently only Windows Vista and XP SP2 supported, with Apple Chrome on the way... If you luv Mozilla Firefox, u'll luv Chrome.


Wan said...

Salam Pak J,
Aku ada gak installed Google Chrome ni, tapi dia agak susah sikit nak guna, mungkin sebab tak biasa lagi kot, mmg laju sikit kalau compare dgn internet explore.

By the way, ikut spec masing2 la.



orangmuar said...

Salam Wan,
Mula2 maybe agak janggal sikitla.. tapi kalau kau dulu pakai firefox.. okla sikit.. and mula2 dia agak slow sbb dia makan memory byk sikit.. tapi once u have use to it... no turning back man... Chrome all the way...