Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paper plane...

Last year, during the long,.... year end school holiday, I took my son to his grandmother house in
Muar. Since I am in between job (in other word, jobless), I have plenty of time to spend with Luqman. Normally, when it come to November, December.. the weather won't be so kind ... rainy all day long. But lately, the weather have been drifting and more unpredictable, probably due to global warming, ozone layer, etc.. 

The weather was windy and the sky was clear. I ask Luqman, what he want to do.... cause I don't want him to spend too much time in front of TV. (what a hypocrites, the father is building a new digital TV system (DVB-H) abroad, and yet.. he disapproved his son watching TV too much... well job is job... life is life.....I bet Astro guys also doing the same ). So I browse the WWW (using 56k dial up jaring service,...... crawling.....), searching anything that can give me idea... I found paper plane.... Eureka.. yes...  cheap, simple outdoor activity... 

There are many sites on paper plane, but i think Joseph Palmer (http://www.josephpalmer.com/planes/Airplane.shtml)  site is probably among the best, cause the design is not so complicated and doable. Well,..... I have to show to him that I can make the plane fly, as mentioned.... 

My chosen design is the second, PL-3 Squarenose... the designer mention the design base on Ken Blackburn world recordbreaking paper plane. 

If you want to spend your time with your kid, at almost no cost... try this.. your kid won't be dissapointed.. and so do you... but better clean up after that... or other people wont be happy.

You may think your current paper plane design is OK,.. no harm trying new thing. There is one site that has a good design, but I think due to copyright issue, i'm not putting the link.


Wan said...

Salam bro,
This is good idea to spend time with our son, especially for the freelancer father... :D



orangmuo said...

Thanks bro... you should try the paper plane there... I bet the local people would be surprise...Sana lagi best.. lapang and windy, tak ujan... 3 hari tak turun plane tu...hahaha